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Say Hello To Bombay Trooper!

We are Bombay Trooper. We make beautiful designs about things you love and put them on delicious looking T-shirts.

With our crazy caffeine driven designers and heavy duty production facility, we bring you fresh tees every week!

The Story:

Bombay Trooper was born out of our team's extreme love for graphic design, product design, internet culture, fashion and entrepreneurship.

Before Bombay Trooper. we used to spend most of our day browsing design blogs, creating arbitrary pieces or art, surfing memes on reddit, making stupid jokes on twitter and would make a website or two to pay our internet bills. On one of such usual days, there happened to be a glitch in the matrix and we found ourselves teleported to the land of "Commonsensia Republica". As soon as we set our foot on the soils of logic and deep thinking, a simple yet rare thought come into our minds: "Why not combine all of these things that we love doing and make something fun out of it?"

Thus Bombay Trooper was born.

We set out on an adventurous voyage to hunt for resources we would require to create a yet-unnamed T-shirt design brand. We were all geared up for extreme dangers of competition, tough challenges of technology, sleepless nights of brainstorming - but instead got ourselves burried into a pile of paperwork for setting up a company and related mumbo jumbo. However, that was conquered single-handedly and we moved on to hunt ourselves the:

  • Best fabric in the world.
  • Best tailoring in the world.
  • Best printing technology in the world.
  • Best Pizza in the world.

A moment of success was achieved when we found everything from this list that would come closest to being the best - except the last one. But well, that's what keeps us going. We try everyday and will continue do to so.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our story. If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss work, music, football, movies or simply hang out with us, say